Tuco’s ecosystem of features changes everything
you know about mobile systems

For Users

For Venues

Mobile Waiting Room

Know exactly where you are in line, so you can get things done while you wait.

Digitalization of Forms

Fill out necessary forms in any customized format in a secure personal portal so everything is ready before your visit.

Appointment System

Your own Appointment System with your own website for self-registration all combined with mobile communications and reminders.

Digital Marketplace

Your own digital space for sponsorships, important messages, special offers and promotions.

And these just scratch the surface. Learn more about what Tuco can do for you.


Enhancing your wait

The Tuco ecosystem connects businesses and customers in a way that elevates the entire waiting experience. From making an appointment, to filling out required forms, Tuco allows you to make your wait productive and efficient.


How does Tuco work?

Tuco provides an interactive interface where users can manage forms, their position in queue, and their appointments thus enhancing efficiency. All it takes is downloading the app and getting started with compatible businesses.

How does Tuco help businesses?

Tuco provides a tool that makes waiting rooms virtual, with self-check-ins, and a mobile appointment and digital form filling system bringing efficiency to businesses. This process welcomes customers and allows opportunities for ad revenue for businesses who partner with us.

What are the next steps?

Reach out so we can answer any questions and get you started today!


Implement a system that works for you


Choose to utilize our features as a separate system or fully integrate with your current system.


Our app engages customers and makes the waiting process personal, productive, and simple.


We are dedicated to fully supporting business and customer interaction with the Tuco ecosystem.


We are dedicated to fully supporting business and customer interaction with the Tuco ecosystem.

Making physically waiting and wasting time obsolete so everyone gets more done

Eliminate crowded waiting areas and long lines

Digitization of forms

Built-in customized appointment system

Your very own digital space for important messages, special offers and promotions

Increase your revenue through digital sponsorship videos


Complex analytics and reports

Independent and seperate system

Easy integration with any system in the future

Highest privacy standards with the most up to date Encrypted Security


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may have about Tuco and the ways we’re changing
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